Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Path Forward

 Civil disobedience on a mass scale. Emphasis "civil".

As the weeks have passed, the probability curves have collapsed into an unexpected formation. The presently most likely thing is that Trump will continue to maintain that he won, and at the same time, Biden will be inaugurated. And this is all that we need.

Think about it. In America, all authority flows from We the People. Any gov't that does not have our consent, and yet presumes to rule, does not have legitimate authority. They're just an oversized Mafia with the biggest shakedown racket ever concocted.

And the map is not the terrain; you cannot just pull out a map, pencil in a mountain, and then grab your mountain-climbing gear on your way out the door to be the first to the top.

So it is with elections. The certified ballot result is not the consent of the governed. You cannot just pull The Steal -- the most widespread and blatant systematic election fraud in the history of the U.S. -- and then expect people to respect your authoritah. That is not how this works.

So, let's think this through. The first thing is that the illegitimacy is limited to the Executive branch. So, Congressional laws will still maintain their moral authority.

However, we have a lazy and stupid class of political elites, who would rather just write a little law to create an executive agency, and then give it the power to make rules.

And that works great in normal times. But times will not always be normal, and in fact by global historical standards, we've had a pretty long run without a real legitimacy crisis. Nixon's fall from grace was hardly a speedbump, and even that is ancient history from when I was a baby. That hardly even counts as "in your lifetime," if you can't remember it.

So, we have a whole bunch of rules and regulations that were only ever formulated and proclaimed by the now-illegitimate Executive branch. And all of those are now null and void, because you cannot legitimately give a power away to an illegitimate authority; the FBI cannot delegate to the Mafia and expect the Mafia's rules to be obeyed, or at least not without destroying the FBI's moral authority too.

Now, you still have to treat them with respect for their physical force. Sure the Feds are now no better than a Mafia, but they're the biggest and most powerful Mafia ever. So tread carefully.

My point is just that those mere rules and regulations no longer hold any moral force. So feel free to ignore whatever you think you can get away with, and also flaunt your flout of whatever you're willing to accept the consequences of, which could be quite severe. Civil law has such looser evidentiary standards -- even excluding intent entirely! -- precisely because it is supposed to not place your freedom at risk. But that is not how it works in practice; at the simplest level you are still vulnerable to imprisonment for a contempt-of-court citation, and it gets worse from there.

But if all 70+ million of us do it at the same time, then I think they will have some difficulty triaging. All you have to do is not be one of the maybe 5% of the population that has the sociopathic or psychopathic personality disorders, and you should be fine. Trust your instincts and distrust your judgement.

That is to say, if someone is giving you a hinky vibe, then detach and avoid; and the harder they make it, the more urgent it is. Also, if someone is psyching you up to do something that you hadn't thought of before, just excuse yourself with "I have a 24-hour rule for any big decisions" and scoot.

So then the final result is... I don't know. But we have to shoulder our load.

All political authority comes back to We the People. Anything that falls through the cracks, falls on us.

So when State courts and State legislatures dropped the ball, that fell on us. Whenever the Federal courts and Congress dropped the ball, that fell on us. (The executive has little to no role, because they should not be involved at all in the question of determining if they won re-election; and also, whether Person A committed a crime is a different question than whether Person B won an election. So they can logically have different answers, like with O.J. Simpson's criminal and civil trials. So the executive is irrelevant to anything more than "did Person A break a Federal law?")

Now, it isn't fair that everyone else dropped the ball. It's especially egregious that the Federal judiciary refused to hear cases -- essentially saying that it was non-judiciable, and really a question for the elected Congress to investigate and decide -- and then Mitch McConnell cited the courts' rejection of the cases as part of his reasoning in refusing to fulfill the responsibility either. What is this, some kind of Laurel & Hardy routine? If you both point to each other, then you should both be forced to do it; there is no sane universe in which mutual laziness justifies no one doing it at all. No work may be shirked!

But we have the worst political class in American history, so of course they put it back down on us. And that's fine; it was our load to begin with. That our servants failed to do what we paid them for doesn't mean that the field can go unharvested in a timely manner. Grab your scythe and get going!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Why Americans Don't Stop Riots

I have just realized that this must be very confusing for non-Americans. Why are people just letting the cities burn?

It is because they are TWANLOC: those who are no longer our countrymen. We don't care.

Most of the people that just want to be left alone already moved out into the country a long time ago. So what's left in the big cities are majority nutso, dumb, and/or wicked. And they elected representatives accordingly.

I will piggyback on Larry Correia's excellent post, Where Are All You Gun Owners Now? The background is that those dumb wicked nutsos in the big cities have wicked amenable authorities. So we are doing the one thing that they would never expect and can't defend against, which is to keep on spooling out rope until they have enough to hang themselves with.

And in the meantime, let the cities burn.

We. Don't. Care.

Monday, February 3, 2020

A Summary of the American Argument for Gun Control

Roughly paraphrased: "Ghetto blacks are killing each other with pistols, so we need to take rifles away from country whites, because any actually effective action would be racist."

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How to Humble the Kritarchy

In 2021, when Trump wins re-election and Republicans re-take the House, they need to bring the Federal judiciary to heel.

The Kritarchy has been grossly overreaching its authority for decades, but ever since Trump was elected, it has gone completely out of control. Neil Gorsuch has mildly criticized the practice of nationwide injunctions, but he did not go far enough. And as much as I would like to see these "Hawaiian" judges impeached, there is an even better way.

You see, there is a very basic problem, which is that sub-SCOTUS Federal judges are pretending to be co-equal with Congress and the Preisdent. They are not. It is an evil lie.

In the Federal judiciary, only the SCOTUS was created by the U.S. Constitution; the rest was created by Congressional statute, and what Congress has made, it can unmake. Even setting aside the possibility of impeachment, all non-SCOTUS Federal judges serve purely at the pleasure of Congress.

Therefore, they are beneath Congress. Therefore, they are also beneath the Executive, which is co-equal with Congress. They are logically at about the same level as Cabinet officials, whose appointments are also confirmed by the Senate.

Thus, there is a very simple way for us to start bring the out-of-control Kritarchy to heel. All we have to do is elect a President and Congress that have the wit and will to unmake a Federal judgeship whenever the holder of that post gets too big for his britches and steps out of bounds.

In 2021, Trump and a simple majority in the House and Senate can pass legislation that does a targeted elimination of all of the posts held by non-SCOTUS judges that have issued nationwide injuctions, then pass a new law creating even more posts (since it is commonly believed that they are overworked and we need more anyway).

This would, I believe, put an end to the evil practice for good.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

When 75 Cents Was Worth a Dollar

This is a story from roughly a quarter of a century ago, back when I was in college and living in the dorms. The washers and driers were coin-operated, specifically three quarters apiece. Now I was there on academic scholarships, but surrounded by lots of scions of the UMC. So I was careful to save up my quarters, and they were not so much.

Eventually it became known that I always had quarters, and people started coming to me for them. This started to impact my ability to have enough quarters for myself, so -- having taken Intro to Economics -- I did the logical thing to discourage a behavior and started charging more for it; to be precise, I began charging a dollar per three quarters.

This went on for awhile until I was suckered by a sob story and sold a guy some quarters at face value. Then the next time he wanted to buy quarters, I naturally wasn't going to believe that he couldn't manage to scrape six quarters together in all that time. I wasn't going to fall for his con again.

But he wouldn't take no for an answer, He argued and argued and argued and ar- ar- ARRGH!! I finally blew my top and vowed no more quarters for anyone. And I made sure to let all of my disappointed regulars know exactly who to blame.

So that is my story about when 75 cents was worth a dollar, until eventually the aggravation of dealing with assholes made even a 33.3% surcharge not enough to make it worth my while. And all the people who had loudly declared that I was ripping them off? Yeah, they were mad as heck that I wouldn't do it anymore. Go figure.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

What was the point of the Richmond 2A protest?

I keep saying that there is nothing interesting in politics lately, but then I consider that technically, there was a massive protest in the Virginia capitol yesterday. Thousands of people, many of them heavily armed. But what was the point?

They were appealing to an unamenable authority. From where I’m standing, it looked like a silly and pointless LARP. A cargo cult of the Civil Rights Movement. Boomers and Millenials all caught up in the theater and pageantry, without any understanding of how things actually work.

Am I wrong? Did they actually accomplish something beyond good feelz?

I Love a Good Hate-Review

There still isn’t really anything very interesting going on in politics. The most interesting thing is what didn’t happen, due to how the DNC has shut out all of their most interesting presidential candidates from the joint press conferences that they call “debates”. Active military chick, successful entrepreneur guy, devout New Age chick, and fiercely heterosexual guy are all out. But I find it hard to care about a counter-factual.

So! Let’s talk about hate-reviews. The apotheosis of the genre is, of course, Willamette Week’s 2012 review of “The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best.” Sample paragraph:

Through a series of serendipitous events, Alex finds himself on tour with Jim (Michael Weston), a songwriter with a fetish for toy instruments. On the car ride to its first gig, the duo hatches its sound, later described as "the Shins meet Sesame Street." The movie treats this as a novel creation, ignoring that half the indie-pop bands of the past few years could be described the same way. Nevertheless, wherever the group performs—a bar, a rooftop, a Revenge of the Nerds-style frat house—the crowds sway in approving unison. One woman, a pouty blonde named Cassidy (actress-model Arielle Kebbel, unconvincing as a Pennsylvania club promoter despite her totally rock-'n'-roll nose ring), is so impressed she joins them on the road. She and O'Nan eventually fuck, because everyone knows morose losers who can't get over their girlfriends are irresistible to Maxim pinups.

Seriously, read the whole thing. They gave it a D when they normalized all the ratings to an A-to-F scale, but as I recall it was originally something like 10 out of 100. It's really an F.

Please share your own favorite hate-reviews in the comments!