Thursday, November 14, 2019

Nothing interesting in politics lately.

I has a sadz. As a politics news junkie, I've been going through serious withdrawal lately, as basically nothing has actually been happening. (A fake impeachment doesn't count.) But I will try and soldier through, taking this opportunity to reflect and see how we got here. Making the best of makework!

So if we look back at the Russia collusion investigation, the Deep State picked Robert Mueller, who was both dogged and dumb/incompetent. We can take from this that they expected his Speshul Counthel investigation to simply go on indefinitely, either to a trial or the 2020 election.

But it didn't. The timing of the ending implies -- and I don't know, it's just an intuition -- that when William Barr came in as AG, he basically told them: either wrap it up, or get investigated yourselves for obstruction of justice. And Mueller's team had carelessly left a shit-ton of evidence of their wrongdoing, so they were terrified of being investigated, and they wrapped it up.

So then Adam Schiff's lawless shampeachment comes out at just the right time to try and maintain the fake smell of scandal. But he's just another midwit druggie liar with delusions both paranoid and grandiose, same as every other D.C. hustler doing some form of speed or coke. I mean, if you just look at his eyes, there is clearly something that he is either taking too much or not enough of.

So is Schiff an unmedicated schizo or a druggie riding the dragon? I neither know nor care. Either way, he's disqualified as a moral authority, and his own side should be cringing at just how bad he's going to make them look.

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